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MCAST Part-Time Courses Launch

MCAST launches Part-time Course and announces new Summer Programme for Teens

On Tuesday 27 February 2018 MCAST Gateway to Industry Ltd. launched over 300 part-time programmes and announced the new Summer Programme for teens called MCASTeens Discovery Summer Camp. The launch was held at the MCAST Students’ House.

Part-time Courses

For the first time this year the Prospectus Part-time Courses is being disseminated solely through digital media in line with trends and in response to rising environmental and economic concerns. Another novelty is that the Prospectus has been redesigned so that courses are now listed according to categories rather than being pegged to Institutes. This should allow users greater ease in identifying their preferred area/s of interest, thus making the new Prospectus much more user-friendly. This year’s Prospectus has also been streamlined, with some courses being replaced by new exciting titles. There is also an increased number of bundled programmes so that candidates may achieve Awards and Diplomas in their pursuit to upgrade their CVs and portfolio.

The courses on offer in the Prospectus range from hobby courses up to fully accredited courses including the now popular Master’s degrees. Adults and young learners over the age of 16 may apply for these part-time courses to acquire new skills and qualifications and progress in their careers. Most of the courses are fully accredited as per the Malta Qualifications Framework. The part-time courses are particularly aimed at adults whose work or family commitments make it difficult for them to follow full-time education, but who would still like to acquire skills and qualifications to secure new jobs, seek career advancement or simply to learn more about subjects that interest them. Young students aged 16 and over can also take up these courses to support their full-time education with additional knowledge, skills and experiences. 

Bespoke courses for industry are also created according to current trends and needs. Accredited courses at various MQF (Malta Qualifications Framework) levels are very popular since they all ultimately help to improve and influence employment possibilities. All tutors are qualified experts in their field and resources and facilities are provided to complement the courses.

Lessons are held in the evening or on Saturday mornings, a convenient option for individuals who cannot engage in full-time educational programmes due to employment, business, family or other commitments. Applicants also benefit from several additional resources, including detailed class notes and free use of the MCAST libraries.

Further details about each course are available on the website:, where one can also book a course by applying online. Applications open on Monday 26 February 2018. For further details or advice about these courses, contact MCAST on 2398 7777 or A digital copy of the Part-Time Courses Digital Prospectus can be viewed here.

MCASTeens Discovery Summer Camp 2018

The new Prospectus is now also addressing teenagers wishing to get a glimpse in the world of vocational education, which is in itself practice-based and hands-on. Through the newly launched MCASTeens Discovery Summer Camp, youngsters have the opportunity to join a fun-filled, educational summer programme on the premises at MCAST Paola. Eight different themes in as many weeks will inspire a variety of activities and hands-on projects.

The topics covered during the Summer Camp include – Sports and Adventure, Arts and Craft, Aviation and Space Travel, Electronics and Robotics, Photography and Video, Caring for Self and Others, Information and Technology and the Universe.

The Summer Programme will be held on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays between 8:30hrs and 13:00hrs at MCAST Main Campus in Paola. Further details on this Summer Programme may be obtained by calling 23987777.

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