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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are short courses held?
This depends on the area / field which you will be studying. Where possible, courses that are purely theory-based are delivered either completely or partially online. Practical sessions must necessarily be conducted in class. In general, physical classes are held on the premises of the relevant institute. There are 11 institutes in all:
  • MCAST - Institute of Information & Communication (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Art & Design (MOSTA) MCAST - Gozo Centre (GHAJNSIELEM)
  • MCAST - The Maritime Institute (KALKARA)
  • MCAST - Agribusiness Institute (QORMI)
  • MCAST - Institute of Community Services (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Electrical & Electronics Engineering Inst. (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Business & Commerce (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Building & Construction (NAXXAR)
  • MCAST - Institute of Mechanical Engineering (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Applied Science (PAOLA)
How do I find out what courses are available at MCAST?

To find out more about our part-time courses, please go back to the home page and choose ‘Courses by Category’, where you can browse the different courses offered according to the category of interest. For more details about the individual courses listed in each category, simply click on the course title which will lead you to a webpage containing the course description, the days and times of the lectures, the price and the duration of the course.

Alternatively, you can download our prospectus from the same Home page and identify your area of interest using the contents page in the prospectus. The prospectus gives only the course title, number of ECTS credits, MQF Level, duration and price. To learn about the learning outcomes, choose ‘Search for Course’ from the homepage and write the course name in the search box.

We also offer further assistance for prospective students Monday to Friday between 0830 hrs and 1630 hrs.

In which language are lectures usually delivered?
By default all listed courses are delivered in Maltese. Non Maltese speaking applicants are to contact the Office of Part-Time Courses before applying in order to verify whether the course can be delivered in English.
How do I apply?

Interested applicants can apply directly through this website by clicking on the course name of interest and then complete the purchase of the course by adding the course to cart (using the ‘Add to Cart’ function) and checking out using ‘My Shopping Cart’ function. If you are applying online for the first time, you will have to select ‘New User? Register’ option in the registration page and register before you proceed to payment.

Alternatively, you can download an application form by going back to the homepage and selecting ‘How to Apply’. You should print out the form, fill it in with your details, sign it and send it to us by mail with a cheque corresponding to the relevant price at MG2I, Office of the Part-time Courses, Students’ House, MCAST Campus, Corradino Hill, Paola. For those who do not have the option of writing cheques, it is possible to visit our offices (at the same address) to submit the application and pay cash.

Applications without payment will not be considered.

Do I get a certificate when I complete a course at MCAST?

Participants in short courses will receive a certificate of attendance if they attend more than 80% of the course duration. On the other hand students attending courses which are accredited by an external awarding body (e.g. City and Guilds or BTEC) will receive a certificate from that body if they succeed in the course.

Wherever the course is accredited by an external awarding body, the MQF Level and the number of credits will correspond to the standards and qualification frameworks in the country where the awarding body is based.

Are there any prerequisites which are required to enroll in a course at MCAST?

You need no knowledge, experience or qualifications for the introductory courses run in any of the Institutes. For the advanced courses one should either have attained the introductory course certificate in the field / area or have reasonable awareness and / or experience of the area. Pre-requisites and/or entry requirements are stipulated (if required) in the course information sheet which is either available at www.mcast.edu.mt or from shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt or which could be collected from the Part-Time Courses Office on tel. no. 2398 7776 / 7116 / 7777 or via email on shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt

For most courses, the maturity clause applies, meaning it is possible for applicants not in possession of all the requirements to apply as mature students by a) downloading the application form from the ‘How to Apply’ section of this website, b) writing a motivation letter in which you explain why you would like to follow the course and briefly describe any relevant experience/skills you have, c) prepare scans or copies of any relevant qualifications and send everything either by slow mail to MG2I, Office of the Part-time Courses, Students’ House, MCAST Campus, Corradino Hill, Paola, or, alternatively, by attaching all documents listed in a), b) and c) to an email and send it to shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt. Maturity applications are subject to vetting by the Admissions Board. Information about pre-requisites and/or entry requirements can be found on the course webpage.

When will the course run, what is the course fee and when is the closing date.
Information such as course fees, course duration, and venues can all be obtained from our website at www.mcast.edu.mt or from shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt or by enquiring at the Office of the Part-Time Courses on Tel: 2398 7776 / 7116 / 7777. With regards to the closing date, applications at MCAST are received on first come first serve basis. Therefore a course is closed once the maximum number of students per class is reached.
Do I have to pay tuition fees to attend a Part-Time course at MCAST?

Yes, fees are payable on all part-time / short courses. However in most of the courses, senior citizens are eligible for a 50% discount, or as otherwise indicated. This discount does not cover consumables.

MCAST (full-time) students will benefit from a 50% discount on most of the courses, or if stated otherwise. This discount does not cover consumables. Applications with a letter from the Institute are to be submitted to the Office of Part-Time Courses, MCAST Main Campus, Corradino Hill, Paola PLA 9032

For further information, contact Part-Time Courses Office on tel. no. 2398 7776 / 7777 or via email on shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt

Who can we contact regarding enquiries about Part-time courses?

You can contact us regarding part-time courses enquiries on 23987777/7776/7116 during 8am and 12pm and 1pm and 4pm, via email on shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt or through our Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/mcastparttimecourses/

Who can we contact regarding enquiries related to International students?

You can contact us on 23987879 during 8am and 12pm and 1pm and 4pm.

I applied for a part-time course but haven't received an acknowledgement yet. When will I know when the course is going to start?

The MG2i staff will be processing all the application and will announce the start date when this process is complete. They will contact the applicant either through email or by phone.

As soon as the minimum number of students for a course has been reached, the course dates will be set and the applicants will be informed. In addition, applicants whose course has been confirmed to start will be asked to complete an online registration form (CMIS) in order to be fully registered on the course.

What should I do if I don't have access to a computer or Wifi to apply?

If you do not have access to a computer or wifi system, it is a good idea to call us on 23987776/7116/7777 first and inquire if the course is delivered in class or online, for the obvious reason that you would be unable to follow the course if it is delivered online. In order to apply for the course physically, you will have to come to our offices as explained in the section ‘How do I apply?’ here above.

Can I take a refund if I decide not to go to a course after I have paid for it?

The full refund of the fee will only be effected by MCAST in the event that a College is unable to provide the course.

I have just completed my course and I have been notified by my lecturer that I have been successful. When should I expect to receive my certificate?

Certificates are prepared by MCAST’s Registrar Office. Once the certificate is ready, you will be notified to come and collect it from the Registrar’s Office. For queries about pending certificates, you should first contact the course coordinator, who will be in contact with you throughout the course and is your first reference for all technical issues relating to the course, the registration process and certification.

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