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Frequently Asked Questions
Where are short courses held?
This depends on the area / field which you will be studying. Usually all relevant information is given when the student submits his / her registration. However it is important to mention that MCAST is made up of the following Institutes:
  • MCAST - Institute of Information & Communication (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Art & Design (MOSTA) MCAST - Gozo Centre (GHAJNSIELEM)
  • MCAST - The Maritime Institute (KALKARA)
  • MCAST - Agribusiness Institute (QORMI)
  • MCAST - Institute of Community Services (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Electrical & Electronics Engineering Inst. (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Business & Commerce (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Building & Construction (NAXXAR)
  • MCAST - Institute of Mechanical Engineering (PAOLA)
  • MCAST - Institute of Applied Science (PAOLA)
What if I have to cancel my booking of a course?
The application fee is non refundable for candidates who choose to withdraw their application. However it may be transferred to another course of the applicant’s preference. This has to be done prior to the closing date of the application period. Full refund of fee will be paid by MCAST in the event that the College is unable to provide the course.
How do I find out what courses are available at MCAST?
To find out more about our short / part-time courses, please visit our website on www.mcast.edu.mt and click on part time courses or on shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt. A list of courses could also be collected from the Office of Part-Time Courses, MCAST Main Campus, Administration Block, Corradino Hill, Paola. We also offer further assistance for prospective students Monday to Friday between 0830 hrs and 1630 hrs.
In which language are lectures usually delivered?
By default all listed courses are delivered in Maltese. Non Maltese speaking applicants are to contact the Office of Part-Time Courses before applying in order to verify whether the course can be delivered in English.
How do I apply?
Interested applicants should fill in an application form which could either be collected from the Office of Part-Time Courses at MCAST Main Campus, Corradino Hill, Paola, or from any local council. It could also be downloaded from shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt. The completed application form should be returned together with full payment to the Office of Part-Time Courses. Applications can also be submitted online during application period. (Fees could be settled by cash, cheques or credit cards). Applications without payment will not be considered.
Do I get a certificate when I complete a course at MCAST?
Participants in short courses will receive a certificate of attendance if they attend more than 80% of the course duration. On the other hand students attending courses which are accredited by an external awarding body (e.g. City and Guilds or BTEC) will receive a certificate from that body if they succeed in the course.
Are there any prerequisites which are required to enroll in a course at MCAST?
You need no knowledge, experience or qualifications for the introductory courses run in any of the Institutes. For the advanced courses one should either have attained the introductory course certificate in the field / area or have reasonable awareness and / or experience of the area. Pre-requisites and/or entry requirements are stipulated (if required) in the course information sheet which is either available at www.mcast.edu.mt or shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt or which could be collected from the Part-Time Courses Office on tel. no. 2398 7143 / 7116 / 7777 or via email on shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt
When will the course run, what is the course fee and when is the closing date.
Information such as course fees, course duration, and venues can all be obtained from our website at www.mcast.edu.mt or from shortcourses.mcast.edu.mt or by enquiring at the Office of the Part-Time Courses on Tel: 2398 7143 / 7116 / 7777. With regards to the closing date, applications at MCAST are received on first come first serve basis. Therefore a course is closed once the maximum number of students per class is reached.
Do I have to pay tuition fees to attend a Part-Time course at MCAST?

Yes, fees are payable on all part-time / short courses. However in most of the courses, senior citizens are eligible for a 50% discount, or as otherwise indicated. This discount does not cover consumables. A photocopy of the 'Karta Anzjan' should be attached to the application form. If application is submitted through online, copy of the 'Karta Anzjan' needs to be send to the Office of Part-Time Courses either by post or by email; shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt

MCAST (full-time) students will benefit from a 50% discount on most of the courses, or if stated otherwise. This discount does not cover consumables. Applications with a letter from the Institute are to be submitted to the Office of Part-Time Courses, MCAST Main Campus, Corradino Hill, Paola PLA 9032

For further information, contact Part-Time Courses Office on tel. no. 2398 7116 / 7777 or via email on shortcourses@mcast.edu.mt