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Help Using this Web Site

The information contained on this page is for the purpose of facilitating navigation of the MCAST Part Time Course web site.

The website is designed for best compatibility with the latest versions of the most popular Internet browsers.

Please click on the links below to go to particular sections of interest within this help page. Each section explains how to navigate through and make use of the corresponding functionality.

Site Specification

The MCAST Part Time Courses site is best viewed using a resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels. The site has been tested on recent versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Navigating Through This Website

All pages within this web site consist of a navigation bar situated on the left hand side of the screen and a central area of the page where most of the functions are made available. The navigation bar can be used to access various sections of the site.


This link takes you to the home page of the MCAST Part Time Course site. The home page is the first page that is displayed in the browser on gaining access to this site. On the right hand side of the home page there is a table of links to the most popular courses. You can follow these links to get more information on the particular course. You can press the home link on the navigation bar at any time to return to the home page.


In order to be able to apply for courses, you need to register your details with the MCAST Part Time Courses site - see the New Registration section for relevant information. When the login link is clicked, the login page is displayed in order to allow you to sign into the system by entering the login id and password and pressing the "Sign In" button.

If you forget your password, the link "Email Password" provides the facility to have your password e-mailed to you on the e-mail account specified in the registration screen provided that you specify the login id and e-mail address. Alternatively, the "Remind Password" link displays the password hint specified during registration.

Please note that for security purposes, passwords are displayed as asterisk symbols (*) and are cleared after every page submission.

Note: Please keep your password safe and do not disclose it to third persons. Also, please DO NOT use your password directly as a password reminder since this may enable unauthorised users to access the system on your behalf.

New Registration / My Details

If you are not logged in, this link displays the Registration form where you may enter the personal details together with a login id and password of your choice. You may apply for a course only if you have registered a student account with the site.

Note: Do not make a new registration if you already have a login id and password. If you have forgotten your password, please refer to the "Login" section for instructions to help you remember it.

If logged in, this link displays the details of your student account formerly registered with the system.

When submitting a new registration, some fields, such as login / password details, name, surname, address and telephone are mandatory for the registration process to be effected. Other fields, such as mobile number, fax number, e-mail address, workplace and work position are optional.

The three fields Country Born, Passport Number, and Seamanship Book Number are only required if you wish to attend for courses held by the Maritime Institute.

In the case of a new registration, the Password and Password Confirmation fields must be specified. If you are editing your existing student account details, the Password and Password Confirmation fields need only be specified if you wish to change the password. Please note that for security purposes, passwords are displayed as asterisk symbols (*) and are cleared after every page submission.

My Applications

This link displays the Course Applications page. This page displays all your applications grouped by status, that is, "Payment Due", "On Waiting List", "Booked", "Waiver Requests" and "Courses In Progress". In addition, a "View Completed Courses" button displays the courses that you have already completed.

An application listed under "Payment Due" is an application that you or an administrator or a Local Council officer acting on your behalf formerly placed on the waiting list and was eventually promoted following a cancellation of another confirmed booking. Payment for such applications must be settled as soon as possible following notification by the system.

An application listed under "On Waiting List" is an application that you or an administrator or a Local Council officer acting on your behalf placed on the waiting list in lieu of a possible cancellation and eventual confirmation of the booking. Such an application may remain indefinitely on the waiting list unless it is automatically promoted or unless you or an an administrator or a Local Council officer acting on your behalf cancels it. If the application is promoted, it is listed under the heading "Payment Due".

An application listed under "Booked" is essentially a confirmed booking with no outstanding payment. Such a booking may have been purchased at a full price or with a provisional 25% deposit under the payment waiver scheme.

An application listed under "Waiver Requests" is an application that was booked (or promoted from the waiting list) for which you have requested a payment waiver. Applications under this heading are reviewed by MCAST and accepted or rejected on the basis of relevant proof that needs to be provided.

Applications listed under "Courses In Progress" are confirmed bookings currently in progress. On completion these bookings are moved to the "Complete Courses" page.

My Shopping Cart

This link displays the shopping cart page containing the courses selected for purchase with their individual prices and the total price. You may remove courses from the shopping cart by pressing the "Remove" link. The "Checkout" button initiates the checkout process by displaying the Checkout screen.

The checkout screen gives you the option to apply for a payment waiver provided you are eligible for such waiver. The current conditions for eligibility are:

Over 61 / Holders of Disability Card / MCAST Full-Time Students

Senior Citizens, holders of Disability Card / MCAST Full-Time Students who are eligible for a 50% discount, or as otherwise indicated, are kindly asked to visit our offices at MCAST Paola, Floor 1 Student house and present their ID card, and Kartanzjan / Disability Card / MCAST Full-Time Student Card, to avail of the special discounts applicable.

To proceed with the checkout, fill in the credit card details. Please be sure to copy these details exactly as they appear on the credit card / debit card. When ready, click the "Continue" button to display a summary screen. To confirm the transaction, click "Confirm", otherwise click "Back" to return to the checkout summary screen or "Cancel" to return to the shopping cart.

Part Time Courses

This link enables you to view the part-time course portfolio and course schedules available at various MCAST institutes.

You are initially presented with a list of institutes, from which you may view the details of a particular institute and the associated courses available by clicking the "View Details" link for the corresponding institute.

Selecting a particular course allows you to view specific details of the course (such as duration and price) and a list of available schedules for the selected course. Each schedule within the list has a corresponding link that may be any of "Add to Cart...", "Add to Waiting List..." or "Not Available".

A schedule with an "Add to Cart..." link implies that places are still available and you may click on the to link add the corresponding course schedule to your shopping cart.

A schedule with an "Add to Waiting List..." link implies that the schedule is fully booked. Clicking on the link displays the "Alternative Schedules" screen allowing you to select from a list of alternative schedules, possibly held at another institute, or to proceed with placing an application on the waiting list for the selected schedule.

A schedule with a "Not Available" link may not be added to the shopping cart for a number of reasons:

  • the schedule is fully booked and the waiting list is closed
  • you already have the selected schedule in the shopping cart
  • you already have a confirmed, waiver pending or wait-listed booking

Quick Search

This link displays the "Quick Search" page where you can search for specific part time courses available. The Quick Search facility scans through the title and description of the courses and lists them for ease of access. Once the result list is displayed, you can book courses directly from this screen as detailed in the My Shopping Cart section. You can also display all available courses by entering a percentage sign (%) and pressing the "Search" button.


This link displays the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) page. Kindly contact the MCAST Short Courses Unit through the Feedback facility in case you have any other question which is not listed on this page.


The Help link displays this help page.

Contact Us

The Contact Us link displays a page containing contact information. The Feedback link at the top of the page displays a feedback form that you can use to send comments to the site administrator. The details that you enter in the feedback form will be used to contact you in case your contribution requires a reply from MCAST.

Site Map

This link displays the Site Map page which contains links to all the relevant areas of the MCAST Part Time Course Site.


This link displays the Disclaimer page of the MCAST Part Time Course Site.


This link displays the Copyright Statement page of the MCAST Part Time Course Site.

Privacy Policy

This link displays the Privacy Policy page of the MCAST Part Time Course Site.