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International Courses

MCAST has a growing international student community from all over the world following a diverse range of study programme, which are delivered in English.  Student may apply at MCAST individually and are guided towards their field of interest at the level that is most appropriate for them,  Alternatively, at MCAST we offer custom-made programmes of study for cohorts that are usually brought together by common interests and/or goals.  This allows greater flexibility in terms of course devlivery and timeframes.

Choice, choice and more choice ...

MCAST offers a growing choice of programmes at different EQF levels, undergraduate and post-graduate courses in a broad range of field including

Health Sciences Electronics
Sports Software Development
Nursing Multimedia
Chemical Technology Business and Finance
iGaming Art and Design
Environmental Engineering Journalism
Marine Engineering Heritage and Restoration
Construction Engineering Horticulture
Power Generation and Renewables Fish Management

... and much more!