Unit 1: Building a Website - Introduction

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Unit 1: Building a Website - Introduction

This unit forms part of the Course in MCAST Award in Building a Website. Once a learner complete all the units in this course satisfactorily; that is has obtained a pass mark in the assessment and respected the 80% attendance s/he will achieve an award pegged at MQF Level 4, 6 ECVET Credits.

The course covers the basis to understand how a website works.

Following are the various points covered:

  • Concept of a hypertext, hyperlink, hyperspace, IP, domain, etc.
  • Website linking structures and navigational methods, website types.
  • Consistency points of website (resolution, layout, typography, colours).
  • Web Design – selection of colour schemes and prototyping.
  • Web Development – Basic HTML and CSS use.

This is a 25 hr guided learning course.  Students need to invest further hours in the course, which will include private study and home assignments.

Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

The delegate will be introduced to the world of website design.  By the end of the course, the delegate will be in a position to create a basic website and publish the website onto a web server.  Industry standard tools and applications will be used.


Learning Outcome 1: Outline the various aspects of web hosting and internet

Unit Content

  • Explanation of Domain servers, ISPs, Servers, clients
  • Explanation of H/W and S/W requirements.
  • The various linking structures used in web sites (linear, hierarchical, matrix).
  • The various navigational methods used (list of links, menus, search engines)
  • The various different types of a web site (static and dynamic).


Learning Outcome 2: Use image manipulation applications to create basic designs

Unit Content

  • Colour scheme tools (http://kuler.adobe.com, http://www.colorschemedesigner.com)
  • Image manipulation applications (Adobe Photoshop, GIMP).


Learning Outcome 3: Produce a basic web design for a website

Unit Content

  • Designing of toolbars, boxes and footers.


Learning Outcome 4: Use Web development applications to develop basic web sites

Unit Content

  • Web development applications (Adobe Dreamweaver)


Learning Outcome 5: Develop a basic working website integrating both design and development techniques

Unit Content

  • Development of a simple site that includes a combination of design elements and development elements


The following are the suggested pre-requisites and/or entry requirements needed:


  • Students must be proficient in the use of computers & would preferably be in possession of the ECDL certification

Entry Requirements:

  • ECDL Certification      

Course participants may be awarded either an MCAST Certificate of Attendance or an MCAST Certificate of Achievement.

MCAST Certificate of Attendance

  • An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those candidates who attend at least 80% of the lessons.

MCAST Certificate of Achievement

  • An MCAST Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those candidates who satisfy the 80% attendance criteria and also choose to sit and pass the course assessment/s.
  • Students who opt not to sit for the assessment or fail (the assessment/s) will however be awarded the MCAST Certificate of Attendance provided that they fulfill the minimum attendance criteria as stated above.

If the student intends to obtain a Certificate of Achievement, she/he is required to sit for an assessment/s.  Assessment/s may take various forms such as a home assignment, class assignment, practical test and time constrained test.  However, the assessment/s is not compulsory and an applicant may choose not to sit for it.

There are no additional costs or special materials/equipment to bring

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