Unit 3: Mobile Application Development - Advanced

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Unit 3: Mobile Application Development - Advanced

Unit Description

Outcome 1 introduces the mobile Operating System of choice as well as the development tools available. The learner
will familiarise themselves with the development environment and test device/simulator.

Outcome 2 concentrates on implementing the application (Graphical) User Interface (UI). Learners will explore the
fundamentals behind building a GUI for the particular OS. They will investigate the various libraries and classes as
well as designing and using OS menus.

Outcome 3 focuses on working with differing user states. Learners will understand how to handle application start up,
background and resuming as well as considering state changes associated with screen rotation or notifications.

Outcome 4 looks at various options for storing/loading context data internally or externally (through the use of memory cards).

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course the learner is able to:

1. Examine the fundamental components of mobile application development (OS architecture, development environment).
2. Develop a practical mobile application user interface.
3. Manipulate a mobile application depending upon state change.
4. Demonstrate the ability to store and load data in a mobile application.

Unit Content

This is a skills based unit and will allow learners to demonstrate they have the necessary skills to be able to design,
program and test a mobile application. The unit will guide learners through the basics of Operating Systems (OS),
development environments, device sensors and data storage. Learners will use software programming concepts
and as a consequence should able to operate effectively at more than a basic level of competence before
commencing this unit.

Assesment Method

The assessment should be practical where students will have to develop a mobile app and test it on a device which is
built during the course under supervision from the tutor.

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