Unit 1: Database Development - Introduction

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Unit 1: Database Development - Introduction

Unit Description

On completion of the unit learners will be familiar with essential database theory and design methods. Learners will be able to implement these within database application software and use a range of SQL techniques to manage the database structure as well as to extract valid and useful information.

Learning Outcomes

On completion of this course the learner is able to 

1. Explain the features of a database and a database management system (DBMS)

2. Explain and use database design methods to create a relational database structure

3. Implement a relational database design with the use of structured query language


Unit Content

Learners should develop the underpinning knowledge and understanding through the database design and build process to enable efficiency and accuracy in terms of both structure and data. Learners will design and construct relationships through the process of normalisation, identifying entities and attributes, applying appropriate data types and other properties for implementation within a database application. Learners will consider and apply checks in terms of validation methods to identify data entry inaccuracies so that data stored and output generated is as accurate as possible. Database structures will be enhanced by the learner using a variety of software and SQL features and functions including create, select, append and delete queries.

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