Introduction to Programming on the Blockchain

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Introduction to Programming on the Blockchain

Course Rationale

This unit has been designed to teach learners the fundamentals of Blockchain programming. These skills will be required in a variety of applications to assist in a newly emerging technology which has a limited number of technical people. This unit also focuses on the security aspect in order to build robust and industry applicable solutions.

Learning Outcomes

Blockchain, particularly Ethereuem, will be introduced and then the course will explain the fundamentals of programming on the Blockchain using Solidity. Throughout the course, tools will be discussed that help the development of such applications such as Metamask, Truffle etc.

This module will also explore the security aspect one has to keep in mind when writing applications on the Blockchain and how these can be exploited.

Finally the course will explain how one can create a website that communicates with the Blockchain in order to provide an end-to-end solution.


The learner should have these skills or prior knowledge to be able to follow the course with success, however if entry requirements are satisfied admission into the course will still be allowed.

Knowledge of javascript and/or jquery or any other scripting language.

Knowledge about programming languages and Object oriented programming.

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