Make-Up Techniques - Advanced

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Make-Up Techniques - Advanced

This course offers students advanced knowledge of how to apply makeup on themselves, family and friends.  During the course, students practice makeup for the bridal and entire bridal party, using different colour eye shadows and mixing the different harmonies, fitting false eyelashes, advanced face shape and contouring, photographic makeup, party makeup, makeup for television, catwalk and fashion makeup.

This is a 30 hr guided learning course.  Students need to invest further hours in the course, which will include private study and home assignments.

Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

The candidate will study make-up techniques at an advanced level.

Learning Outcome 1; Show creativity when necessary for special occasions of makeup application

Unit Content

  1. Intense study of colour harmonies with different fabrics presented
  2. Using different colours of eye shadow harmonies
  3. Using the different types of false eyelashes on the market 

Learning Outcome 2; Experiment with different textures and colours of makeup for specific    occasions

Unit Content

Different Textures such as feathers, glitter, different powders, matte, semi matte, metallic textures, shimmer

Learning Outcome 3; Apply make up for six specific different occasions with confidence

Unit Content

Different Occasions

  • Photographic makeup
  • Bridal makeup and makeup for the entire bridal party
  • Party makeup
  • Catwalk and Fashion makeup
  • TV makeup 

The following are the suggested pre-requisites and/or entry requirements needed:

Entry requirements:

  •      Certificate in Makeup Techniques or Beauty Specialist Certificate 

Course participants may be awarded either an MCAST Certificate of Attendance or an MCAST Certificate of Achievement.

MCAST Certificate of Attendance

  • An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those candidates who attend at least 80% of the lessons.

MCAST Certificate of Achievement

  • An MCAST Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those candidates who satisfy the 80% attendance criteria and also choose to sit and pass the course assessment/s.
  • Students who opt not to sit for the assessment or fail (the assessment/s) will however be awarded the MCAST Certificate of Attendance provided that they fulfill the minimum attendance criteria as stated above.

If the student intends to obtain a Certificate of Achievement, she/he is required to sit for an assessment/s.  Assessment/s may take various forms such as a home assignment, class assignment, practical test and time constrained test.  However, the assessment/s is not compulsory and an applicant may choose not to sit for it.

During the course students are asked to bring their own skincare and make up products.

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