PID for Automation Systems

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PID for Automation Systems

MQF Level 5; 3 ECTS


Course Rationale

PID is the most widespread control strategy used in the process industry. This is a basic level course that will provide learners with the skills needed to obtain a tuned process control loop for typical application. Through guided hands-on practical sessions students will create and develop a process model; calculate proportional, integral and derivative gains; verify gains using ladder diagram; practice PID programming in function block diagram. Although it is a basic level course, it will prepare the participant for further process control modules with more specialised applications.


Learning Outcomes

LO 1. Understand the basic function of a PID controller.

LO 2. Apply general features of feedback control.

LO 3. Apply PID controller theory and tuning using a PLC.

LO 4. Implement a PLC PID control implementation.

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