Electrical Installations 1 - leading to Authorisation A

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Electrical Installations 1 - leading to Authorisation A

This is a 130 hour course.  Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

The program of study is designed for students who want to obtain the Authorisation  A for electricians authorized to carry out single phase installations only.  The course will prepare the students to maintain a working knowledge of the current requirements. 

Areas of studies;

Electrical Theory (Paper 1 Syllabus)

  1. Definitions of Electrical Quantities.
  2. Electrical units, Quantity & Unit Symbols, dimensional prefixes.
  3. D.C. Circuits
  4. Electrical Energy and Power
  5. Primary and Secondary cells
  6. Capacitance and Capacitors
  7. Magnetism
  8. AC Theory and comparison to D.C.
  9. Instruments
  10. Illumination

Electrical Installation Technology (Paper 2 Syllabus)

 The IEE Requirement and Regulations.

  1. I.E.E. Definitions.
  2. Sequence of system supply from secondary side of substation transformers
  3. Final Lightning / power circuits and protection
  4. Different type of earthing
  5. Special requirements – different types of Installation
  6. Properties and applications of materials employed
  7. Use of IEEE tables
  8. Extra low voltage circuits and regulations
  9. Knowledge on lighting and power accessories
  10. Testing procedures
  11. Ability to read and Interpret drawings

No entry requirements are needed however; applicant should be at least 18 years of age. Having a good Knowledge of English and Science Subjects would however, be an asset.  Also ideally students should have obtained the MCAST Electrical Installation Certificate.

The Authorisation A is issued by the Malta Resources Authority (MRA) on the recommendation of the Electricity Licensing Board to persons who:

a)    Have passed the  Authorisation A examination

b)    Have at least 18 years of age

c)    Have completed at least one year experience in electrical installation work for License A

Applicants have to sit for a final exam (Authorisation A Examination) at the end of the course.  However persons with higher qualifications may be exempted from sitting for the examination.  

There are no additional costs involved to attend the course.  However other information with regards to the Authorisation License application / renewal process could be obtained from http://www.mra.org.mt/. 

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