Stone Mason's Course (Full Course Leading to Mason's Licence)

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Stone Mason's Course (Full Course Leading to Mason's Licence)

The course is aimed for individuals who have some experience in the field or are already working in the construction field.

1. How long does the course last?

This is a 120 hours guided learning course. Lessons are as indicated on the prospectus and website.

2. What will I study?

The program covers the construction items and the local building regulations. It is based to suit local construction building techniques, requirements needed and conditions imposed by the Mason's Licence Board. The course will consist of both theory and practical sessions as shown below:


Theoretical lectures

 1. Introduction to Building Technology

 • Roles and responsibilities of a Stone Mason.

 • Understand technical terms.

 • Identify the quality of the stone.

 • Identification of construction views, and floor plans.

 • Read and work from scale drawings.

 • Geometry related to building construction,

 • The setting out of Damp Proof Course.

2. Building foundations.

• Preliminary preparation for a site layout.

• Causes of settlements.

• Types of foundations. 

3. Ħnejjiet

3.01. Kliem tekniku ta’ ħnejja.

3.02. Ħnejja kumpass.

3.03. Ħejja kumpass bil-le?ja.

3.04. Ħnejja tal-vojt.

3.05. Ħnejja kalament.

3.06. Ħnejja ta tlett ċentri.

3.07. Ħnejja tat-terż.

3.08. Ħnejja tal-kwart.

3.09. Ħnejja Arkipjan.

3.10. Ħnejja elissi.

3.11. Ħnejja ħames ċentri.

3.12. Ħnejja erba ċentri

3.13. Ħnejja rampanti.

3.14. Ħnejja arzella.

3.15. Ħnejja ppuntata.


4.01. Regoli Prinċipali tat-taraġ

4.02. Termini tekniċi tat-taraġ.

4.03. Kejl tas-sular u tfassil ta’ taraġ.

4.04. Informazzjoni fuq taraġ tal-gebel.

4.05. Taraġ Dritt.

4.06. Taraġ bil-Pjanijiet.

4.07. Taraġ Garigor.

4.08. Taraġ tar-Raġġ.

4.09. Taraġ Elissi.

5. Liġijiet

6. Konkos

7. Ingara

7.01 Ingara ta’ samrott( bil faxxa)

7.02. Ingara ta’ skaluna dritta.

7.03. Ingara ta’ samrott ta Arkipjan bil-faxxa.

7.04. Skaluna ta’ tarag ta’ Garigor.


Practical lectures

 • Handling of tools.

 • Stone dressing.

 • Stone laying techniques


4. Are there any entry requirements or is any previous knowledge of the subject necessary? 

Interested applicants should be at least 21 years old.


5. Will I achieve any qualifications or obtain any certificates?

An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be issued to those students attending for 80% and more of the lessons.


6. Do I have to sit any tests or examinations?

Students will have to sit for external examinations in order to be able to attain the Stone Mason’s Licence. The exam fees are not included in the course fee.

 7. Are there any additional costs to pay or special materials/equipment to bring?

There are no extra additional costs to pay or special materials/equipment to bring.

Key Information for Prospective, Continuing and Progressing Students for Short-courses, Awards and Full qualifications offered on part-time basis

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