CPC in Transport of Goods by Road (Operator Licence - National)

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CPC in Transport of Goods by Road (Operator Licence - National)

The course is 41 hours long.  Tuition will be held at the Institute of Mechanical Engineering in Paola from Monday to Friday, between 1630 hrs and 2030 hrs.

Tuition is delivered in two Units.  Unit 1 covers the legal and business context of road transport while Unit 2 addresses the operational and technical aspects of road haulage.

Unit 1 -   The Legal and Business context of Road Transport:

1     Introduction                               

2     Business and Company Law                  

3     Industrial Relations                                    

4     Health and Safety                                      

5     Financial Management                           

6     Commercial Conduct                             

7     Marketing    

8     The Environment                                        

9     Business Taxation                       

Unit 2 -   Understanding Operational and Technical Aspects of Road Haulage:

1     Operator Licensing                                  

2     Vehicle Taxation                       

3     Transport Ancillaries                                 

4     Electronic Data                          

5     Weights and Dimensions                                         

6     Commercial Practice                                              

7     Vehicle Technical Standards                                 

8     Driver Licensing                                         

9     Traffic Regulations                    

10   Road Accident Procedure                                    

11   Insurance                                    

12   People Management                                              

13   Organisation Charts                                 

14   Planned Maintenance                                            

15   Vehicle Costing                        

16   Vehicle Selection     

There are no specific entry requirements for this course.

The certificate will be issued by Transport Malta.

A multiple choice exam will be held for each unit.  Unit 1 and 2 must be passed within 12 months from each other.

Course fee includes exam and first re-sit attempt for each unit.

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