Business and Industrial Administration

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Business and Industrial Administration

This course looks at all aspects of a business organisation, including all main business functions such as marketing, finance and personnel.

The aims of this course are to enable candidates to develop:

(a) Knowledge and understanding of the core activities of administration in the business world

(b) An ability to apply this knowledge to various roles in organisations

(c) Competence to illustrate their understanding through the use of real or created examples

Target Course Participants:

  • People who are already in employment and have a role in daily administration within an organisation.
  • Participants who are aiming at achieving a Managerial position within an SME.
  • Secretaries and Administrative Officers who wish to enhance their administrative background.
  • Participants who wish to achieve a preliminary qualification in Management (as part of a broader qualification).                                                                                                                                                       

This is a 75 hrs of guided learning course. Students need to invest further hours which will include private study and home assignments.

Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

Areas of studies amongst others;

Learning Outcome 1: Identify the core activities of administration in the business world

Unit Content

  • Business Organisations
  • Types of Business Organisations
  • Characteristics of Business Organisations
  • Types and Characteristics of the Main Organisational Structures
  • Organisation of the Production Function

Learning Outcome 2: Apply knowledge gained to various roles in the organizations

Unit Content

  • Types and Methods of Production
  • Aids to Production
  • Marketing
  • The Acquisition and Analysis of Information

Learning Outcome 3: Use real or created examples to show own understanding of knowledge gained.

Unit Content

  • The Content and Interpretation of Financial Statements
  • Budgets, Forecasts and Plans
  • Human Resources
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Purchasing / Procurement
  • Research, Design and Development
  • The Introduction and Modification of Products
  • Decision making in Organisations

The following are the suggested pre-requisites and/or entry requirements needed:

Pre- Requisites:

  • Access to the course is open to all participants who are in employment and have a good working experience within an Office and Administrative environment. Participants need to have a sound theoretical background of business terms and concepts. Such a background is to be evidenced.

Entry Requirements;

  • Participants are expected to have a good working knowledge of English.

Course participants may be awarded either an MCAST Certificate of Attendance or an MCAST Certificate of Achievement.

MCAST Certificate of Attendance

  • An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those candidates who attend at least 80% of the lessons.

MCAST Certificate of Achievement

  • An MCAST Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those candidates who satisfy the 80% attendance criteria AND ALSO choose to sit and pass the course assessment/s.
  • Students who opt not to sit for the assessment/s or fail (the assessment/s) will however be awarded an MCAST Certificate of Attendance provided that they fulfill the minimum attendance criteria as stated above.

If the student intends to obtain a Certificate of Achievement, she/he is required to sit for an assessment/s.  Assessment/s may take various forms such as a home assignment, class assignment, practical test and time constrained test.  However, the assessment/s is not compulsory and an applicant may choose not to sit for it.

No additional costs are required since the course fee includes Course Tuition, Handouts, and Information Packs.

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