Communicating Effectively in a Business Environment

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Communicating Effectively in a Business Environment

The art of getting your message across effectively is a vital part of being a successful manager.  Clear, effective and successful communication is one of the major pillars of modern business operations. Whether wanting to make presentations with confidence or to negotiate with ease, this course will assist in improving communication skills. This course is designed to help participants achieve a compendium of practical techniques which help in achieving clearer communication.

The course is targeted for:

  • Managers and Administration Officers wishing to polish up their communication skills.
  • Public Services officers who are in constant need of communicating.
  • Committee members, NGOs, officers, and Local Council Executives who constantly need to communicate effectively

This is a 30 hr guided learning course. Students need to invest further hours which will include private study and home assignments.

Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

The aims of this short-course are to assist participants in:

(a) Attracting and holding an audience

(b) Briefing effectively

(c) Receiving feedback

(d) Structuring message and verbal rewards

(e) Referring to simple checklists which enable them to become proficient communicators

Learning Outcome 1: Recognise the concept of effective communication and what it entails          

Unit Content

  • Working towards better communication
  • Understanding body language

Learning Outcome 2: Attain and select the right information        

Unit Content

  • Learning to listen and ask the appropriate  questions
  • Establishing business contacts
  • Exchanging Information

Learning Outcome 3: Communicate effectively with others under different settings such as meetings and presentations             

Unit Content

  • Briefing effectively
  • Chairing Meetings successfully
  • Reaching an Audience
  • Negotiating to Win

Learning Outcome 4: Develop own mode of communication to reach a target audience effectively        

Unit Content

  • Making a Visual Impact
  • Creating an Identity
  • Using PR
  • Advertising effectively

Learning Outcome 5: Appraise own ongoing communication skills improving their effectiveness in different settings           

Unit Content

  • Communicating at Work
  • Checking your message gets through
  • Assessing your Communication Skills

The following are the suggested pre-requisites and/or entry requirements needed:


  • Access to the course is open to all those wishing to enhance their communication in the workplace or to an audience they are usually expected to address formally or informally

Entry requirements:

  • Participants are expected to have a working knowledge of English

Course participants may be awarded either an MCAST Certificate of Attendance or an MCAST Certificate of Achievement.

MCAST Certificate of Attendance

  • An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be awarded to those candidates who attend at least 80% of the lessons.

MCAST Certificate of Achievement

  • An MCAST Certificate of Achievement will be awarded to those candidates who satisfy the 80% attendance criteria AND ALSO choose to sit and pass the course assessment/s.

  • Students who opt not to sit for the assessment/s or fail (the assessment/s) will however be awarded an MCAST Certificate of Attendance provided that they fulfill the minimum attendance criteria as stated above.

If the student intends to obtain a Certificate of Achievement, she/he is required to sit for an assessment/s.  Assessment/s may take various forms such as a home assignment, class assignment, practical test and time constrained test.  However, the assessment/s is not compulsory and an applicant may choose not to sit for it.

There are no additional costs or special materials/equipment to bring.

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