Dissertation and Report Writing

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Dissertation and Report Writing

The main aim behind this course is to provide guidance on how to write reports and dissertations. When writing a report, particular attention should be paid to the needs of the reader and the purpose, that is, for whom and for what the report is intended. Reports can be a tiresome chore for the writer and therefore also for the reader. Likewise they may offer an interesting opportunity. A report is an opportunity for the writer to communicate, not just to put words on paper, and for the reader to become better informed, rather than merely reading the words.

Dissertations require careful consideration because different audiences have different needs, and they may not be compatible. For the academic assessor, the purpose of the dissertation is similar to that of an assignment. The difference, however, is that the writer defines the topic and purpose of the investigation. Hence the reader:  understanding the topic, the issues and the purpose of the investigation cannot be assumed. Fundamentally, however, the purpose of the report remains the same: to display knowledge and the ability to apply it, in order for the writer to gain marks.

The course aims at giving an overview of some practical skills which may assist the writer in drafting the report / dissertation, making of it an excellent communication medium.

Target Course Participants:

  • University students who are currently working on or are about to embark on their thesis or dissertation
  • Students at other tertiary education institutions who are working on their end-of-course long essay and dissertation
  • Participants who are currently in employment within an environment where report writing is one of the main aims of communication

This is a 30 hour course. Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

  Study units include: 

  1. Organising thoughts and ideas
  2. Identifying the brief and objectives
  3. Methodology used to get the message across efficiently
  4. Planning the dissertation / report
  5. Using the right vocabulary
  6. Identify and design the structure
  7. Use summary techniques
  8. Referencing and bibliography

Access to the course is open. Participants are expected to have a good working knowledge of English.

An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all students attending more than 80% of lectures.

There are no summative assessments in this course.

There are no additional costs or special materials/equipment to bring. The course fee includes Course Tuition, Handouts, and Information Packs

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