Proficiency in English

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Proficiency in English

This unit focuses on the development of the Proficiency in English for course participants. Skills in English will be explored so that course participants are proficient in reading, listening, spoken and written language. A good command of the aforementioned skills will facilitate the participants’ achievement in other units on the same programme, as well as enhance their skills and competencies when developing the necessary support tools related to literacy.

At this Level participants are expected to have sufficient knowledge of English in order to deal with everyday situations in scenarios ranging from home, work, social, public and educational settings. General understanding, as well as association of ideas, and inference of meaning are expected at this level. Learners should be capable of communicating in English by discussing familiar topics or specialised topics previously exposed to. Learners are also expected to be able to write and produce effective texts which reflect the various exigencies within their course studies and future practice.

Mature Learners who secure an overall 80% attendance and are successful in their ongoing class assessments, together with a final synoptic assessment which is set by the Curriculum Department, will receive a Certificate of Achievement which is recognised by MCAST as minimum entry criteria to Part-Time evening courses where such requirements may apply (example the Award in Inclusive Education – 10 week course, Certificate in Inclusive Education for Learning Support Assistance – 20 week course, Higher Certificate in Inclusive Education – 30 week course, and others).

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