Pastel Techniques - Intermediate

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Pastel Techniques - Intermediate

In this course learners will continue to enhance knowledge, skills and techniques acquired during the Introductory course with special emphasis on landscapes, air temperatures, animals and other similar scenarios.  Learners will also acquire fluency in using different types of pastels in different scenarios.

Learners will develop diverse technical applications of pastels to a two-dimensional surface as well as express different air temperature using pastels. Learners will have the possibility to improve line, stroke, proportion, perspective, colour and mass qualities. In addition learners will also become familiar with  control of forms, light, and value so as to establish the tone, color, and texture

Finally learners will acquire a deep understanding of air temperatures and the correct method of expression

Learning Outcomes

  1. Create original and sophisticated colour pastel paintings by applying different types of pastels in different scenarios
  2. Use suitable tools and methods of pastel applications for compositions with few objects such as landscapes, trees, birds and flowers
  3. Apply pastels for two-dimensional surfaces
  4. Express artistically different air temperatures, light and value on paintings

Entry Requirements:

Pastel Techniques - Introduction course or equivalent.

Any consumables needed for the course will be communicated to applicants once a start date is confirmed.

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