Watercolour Techniques - Introduction

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Watercolour Techniques - Introduction

Watercolour painting is considered the most versatile painting medium in regard to the blending of colors. During this course a subject will be chosen to demonstrate intuition and fluidly of watercolours.  Learners will practice techniques that will strengthen and enhance their painting skills by exploring many possibilities in the blending of different watercolour colors. Techniques covered during the course include observation and editing, positive painting, negative painting, textural effects, glazing, wet-in-wet "hide & seek" painting and color mixing.  The course is intended as an introduction to watercolour paintings.

In this course learners will acquire knowledge, skills and techniques using watercolours. Learners will also learn properties of value in watercolour paintings by painting flowers with delicate petals, bold blossoms and dramatic light.  Watercolour vocabulary will be introduced together with knowledge of line, shape, proposition, lights, shadows, semi-light and semi-shadows while also learning how to combine light with shadows.

Learners will develop deep knowledge about colour combinations and mixing colours in watercolour techniques using simple objects.  Also, learners will be able to create compositions using different colours and become familiar with brushes, watercolour paper and various tools.  Finally, learners will be able to adapt painting tools and equipment to achieve optimum results and use surface and texture techniques to create space and depth illusions.

Learning Outcomes

  1. Apply different types of watercolour techniques on different scenarios
  2. Apply watercolour for two-dimensional surfaces
  3. Express artistically light and value on paintings
  4. Create paintings with different types of subjects using different watercolour painting techniques

Entry Requirements:

No entry requirements. Applicants need to have a natural passion for fashion.

Any consumables needed for the course will be communicated to applicants once a start date is confirmed.

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