Photography - Intermediate

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Photography - Intermediate

The course is aimed at persons who already have basic knowledge of camera techniques but want to improve the level of their photographic work taking it to a higher standard. The aim of this course is to instruct participants in various genres of photography with the aim to better produce industry standard photographic work and presentations.

Participants attending this course must have basic knowledge of DSLR camera handling and basic computer knowledge.

During this course participants will cover image enhancement techniques; therefore basic knowledge of post processing would help the participant during the course. 

This is a 26hr guided learning course.  Lessons are held as indicated on the prospectus and website.

This course consists of theoretical and practical workshops aimed at enabling the learner to produce industry standard work in a variety of specialized genres of photography.

Learning Outcome 1: Use photographic equipment, processes and techniques at an industry standard


  • Distinguish between different lenses and exploit their uses.
  • Fully exploit the functions of the SLR camera.
  • What makes a great image?


Learning Outcome 2: Produce commercial work using post processing at an industry standard.

  • Use post processing techniques and programmes.
  • Explore different genres of photography.
  • Working to a brief
  • Build a varied commercial photography portfolio.

Learning Outcome 3: Produce alternative, creative and conceptual photography work.


  • Learn how to produce visual photographic presentations
  • Research alternative photography
  • Generating ideas
  • What it takes to work with photography

Learning Outcome 4: Research various commercial, alternative, creative and conceptual photography work by local and international artists.


  • Explore the photography creative process – building projects.
  • Research and learn how to exhibit photographs to a professional level
  • Produce Task work to an industry standard.

The following are the suggested pre-requisites and/or entry requirements needed:            


  • Basic Reading and Writing Skills
  • Basic Computer and Internet Skills
  • Basic Photography Post-Processing Skills

Entry Requirements:

  • Participants MUST be in possession of a Digital SLR Camera

An MCAST Certificate of Attendance will be issued to all students attending more than 80% of lectures.

There are no summative assessment/s in the course.

There are no additional costs to pay or special materials and equipment to bring.

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